Celebrating 30 Years of Changing Lives!

This year ADRA Canada is celebrating 30 years of service. As we look back on the many countries that we have worked in and the millions of lives that we have touched, we remember that none of our work would have been possible without the faithful support of our donors. We thank you for your generosity and compassion.

Recently we went through our archives for our 30 Days of Impact web event. Here are some of the stories and video programs we found. Take a trip with us down memory lane and see how your generosity has changed lives!

We start our journey with a message from the founder of ADRA Canada, John Howard.

Where ADRA Canada Worked in the 80’s


The 80’s in Images

The 80’s in Stories

Where ADRA Canada Worked in the 90’s


The 90’s in Images

The 90’s in Stories

Where ADRA Canada Worked in the 2000’s


The 2000’s in Images

The 2000’s in Stories

Hope Floats

Lauren Clarke has worked at ADRA Canada for 12 years, and counting. She visited Thailand, one of the countries...

Where ADRA Canada Worked in the 2010’s


The 2010’s in Images