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African Famine

Drought and Conflict Leave Millions Starving   Millions of people throughout the Horn of Africa are facing starvation.  Years of failed crops due to low rainfall, compounded by civil conflict are causing the weak and vulnerable to die a slow death from a simple lack of food. ADRA is responding to this food crisis in [...]

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Famine Relief Fund

Global Affairs Canada has announced the creation of a Famine Relief Fund to respond to the hunger crisis in East Africa.  Over 20 million people are now at risk of starvation in what is being called the worst food emergency in recent history.  Canadians are being urged to give generously to a registered Canadian charity [...]

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Cooking for Health

Bet is a 22 year old mother of one, living in a remote northern region of Cambodia. She and her husband moved to this part of Cambodia about a year ago to have a house close to the road. Bet’s husband is a small engine mechanic and they are hoping that they will be able [...]

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Going to Sleep Hungry

Drought and famine are once again causing hunger, human suffering, and death in many parts of East Africa.  Forces of climate change, civil conflict, forced migration, economics, and disease are converging to create extreme shortages of food.  The forecast of low rainfall for the coming months is making even the most optimistic observers gravely concerned.  [...]

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ADRA Connections – Peru 2017

A group from the Edmonton South Seventh-day Adventist Church is going to Peru to build smokeless cooking stoves for the rural poor. You can be a part of this project by helping them raise money for the trip. Find out more in this video! To give a tax deductible donation, please visit the Canada Helps [...]

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Fighting Malnutrition

In the Bato area of Leyte province in the Philippines, children under two years old are at risk of acute or chronic malnutrition.  The effects of malnutrition are irreversible.  Children who do not receive proper nutrition in these crucial formative years will never develop as they should. Malnutrition has many causes.  A general lack of [...]

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ADRA Canada is Responding to the Hunger Crisis in Africa

With your partnership and the support that we receive from the International Humanitarian Assistance (IHA) Program of Global Affairs Canada (GAC) and the Canadian Foodgrains Bank (CFGB), ADRA Canada is responding to the current humanitarian crisis in Kenya, South Sudan, Uganda and Somalia. Here are the most recent programs that have just been funded: South [...]

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Good Nutrition

Good Nutrition is a short animated video produced by our partner in the fight against global hunger, the Canadian Foodgrains Bank. Learn the importance of proper nutrition and why ADRA Canada makes it a priority to teach mothers how to provide balanced diets for their families.

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Give an Easter Gift of Water!

Water. It is so essential to life! Easter is a time of renewal. What better way to celebrate new life than by giving the gift of water? By setting up a monthly donation to ADRA Canada you can help us bring life-saving water to people in need. Every 15 seconds a child dies from a [...]

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New Board of Directors for ADRA Canada

New ADRA Canada Board of Directors Appointed On March 5, 2017 a special general meeting of ADRA Canada voted to appoint a new Board of Directors for the next five years.  With Pastor Mark Johnson as board chair, the following individuals will serve: Daniel Stojanovic, Ulysses Guarin, Lowell Cooper, Brian Hawes, Christine Hwang, Gary Hodder, [...]

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