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Life is Like A Canoe Trip

ADRA Canada is honored to partner with the First Nations tribes of the Wikwemikong community on Manitoulin Island, as they work to provide positive opportunities for their youth to grow and develop. The OALE program is a wilderness based, canoe expedition adventure that is designed to develop leadership skills in First Nations young people. As [...]

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Flood Response in Kenya

Beginning in March of 2018, the country of Kenya has experienced extensive torrential rainfall. The flooding has caused the death of 183 people and has displaced over 300,000 people. The flooding has been so intense that homes have been swept away to nearby Lake Victoria. People have lost their livestock, their crops, and their [...]

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ADRA Canada Welcomes New Staff

ADRA Canada is pleased to announce the arrival of four new individuals to our growing family. We are grateful that they have joined us and are adding their skills and talents to the ministry of ADRA. Diana Opollo Diana joins the ADRA team in the capacity of Gender [...]

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ADRA Canada Insider – Episode 4

Welcome to the ADRA Canada Podcast. We are so glad you have joined us. In this episode we talk with Anita M. Odondi, the Emergency Program Director for ADRA Canada. Here are some photos of current and previous emergency responses: Located in Rwanda, the Mahama refugee camp [...]

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Disaster and Famine Relief Offering – 2018

May 12, 2018 is ADRA Canada's Disaster and Famine Relief Offering in Seventh-day Adventist Churches across Canada. The designated offering will go to help people who are suffering from natural and man made disasters. Thank you for your generous donation. Remember that you can give anytime at adra.ca If you would like to share this [...]

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ADRA Canada Insider – Episode 3

Welcome to the ADRA Canada Insider. We hope you enjoy this podcast as we meet Sharon Njobo from our Development Programs Department and have her tell us all about EMBRACE. Here are some photos we talk about in this podcast The rural mountainous region of Rwanda where [...]

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A Leader Mother in Rwanda

Odette and her family live in the Kayonza District of the Eastern Province of Rwanda. Like most of her neighbors Odette is a small plot farmer. In many regions of Rwanda, farmers can harvest crops three times a year. Not in Kayonza. Here the rains fall for only about three months every year. [...]

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Helping Refugees from the Democratic Republic of the Congo

“The rebels murdered my husband!” Kato is one of the thousands of refugees that are streaming into Uganda from the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC). The renewed conflict in the DRC has displaced over four million Congolese people from their homes. Since the beginning of 2018 close to 50,000 have arrived in [...]

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Heather Goes to Mongolia

Welcome to the ADRA Canada Podcast. We are so glad you have joined us. We hope you will enjoy our first podcast and come back for more! Here are some photos of Heather's trip to Mongolia. The beautiful steppes of Mongolia with a family of nomadic herders, [...]

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Praising God in an IDP Camp

Zang and his family lived in a beautiful rural village in Kachin State in Myanmar (Burma). Two lakes close to their village supplied all the fish they could eat and the nearby jungle was full of edible plants and greens to supplement their diet. Beautiful mountains served as a backdrop to their green [...]

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