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Home Away from Home

The ADRA Network has joined together to help refugees from South Sudan settle in to their new home in Uganda. This touching video from our Network partner, ADRA Norway, tells the story from the perspective of Rhoda, a young girl who got separated from her parents when the soldiers attacked her village. She shares what [...]

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I Danced with the Angel Mary!

by James Astleford, Executive Director, ADRA Canada I Danced with the angel Mary!  Or at least, I held her in the dance. The villagers were gathered at an EMBRACE project site for training in looking after their babies. Most were women, but there were a couple of men there too. When it was announced that [...]

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It was only two years ago that Dominica’s villages and bridges were destroyed by tropical storm Erika leaving a reconstruction bill worth half the country’s annual GDP.  The island’s people have now sustained an even more devastating blow as Hurricane Maria developed into a powerful category five storm which made landfall in Dominica on the [...]

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The MAPLE Project

ADRA Canada is very excited to announce the launch of our MAPLE project. MAPLE stands for Motivating and Promoting Lifelong Enrichment. The goal of MAPLE is to help First Nations youth in Canada be all that they can be by providing resources for education, nutrition, sports, and leadership development. MAPLE will promote an environment of [...]

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Saving Lives in Rwanda

Ever since the tragic genocide of 1994, ADRA Canada has played an important role in helping the people of Rwanda on the long road to recovery. One of the current programs, co-funded by Global Affairs Canada, is EMBRACE. Learn how Canada and your support of ADRA is saving lives in rural Rwanda in this video [...]

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Meeting a Food Crisis in South Sudan

Nakure is 45 years old and the mother of eight children. Living in South Sudan she has faced many challenges in her life, but none as dire as what she and her family are currently living through. Nakure and her husband have a small plot of land where they have traditionally practiced subsistence farming. Even [...]

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ADRA Supporting ACS in Responding to Hurricane Harvey

Hurricane Harvey hit the southern coast of Texas on August 25, 2017. Governor Greg Abbot of Texas has branded it “one of the largest disasters America has ever faced”. Although the storm quickly lost strength, the exceptionally high rainfall levels are leaving a path of destruction. The eastern coastal regions of Texas have been greatly [...]

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Responding to a Food Crisis

The North-Eastern region of Africa, known as the Horn of Africa, has been suffering from severe drought and famine conditions for the last three months. While some rains have started to fall and the status of famine has officially been lifted, millions of people are still living in a food crisis. Without a continued flow [...]

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Changing Lives in Peru

A group of young people from Vancouver have made a difference in a small village in the Peruvian Andes.  The Mountain Lions Pathfinder group from the Oakridge Seventh-day Adventist Church spent a week building "smokeless" eco cooking stoves in a remote village in Peru.  Catch their excitement and enthusiasm for serving others in this video [...]

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Refugee Response in Uganda

Over the last year close to one million people from war torn South Sudan have taken refuge in the country of Uganda.  ADRA Canada has been part of an ADRA network response that has helped people with life saving assistance in the refugee settlements.

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