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Still recovering from recent civil conflict, that spanned 30 years and took the lives of at least 2 million people the country of Cambodia, in South-east Asia, faces major challenges of poverty, illiteracy, sickness and hunger. Because the war took the lives of most of the country’s educated leading figures, many regions of Cambodia still struggle to survive without the benefit of quality education, social structure, civil planning, clean water, sanitation, health clinics, or agricultural instruction. With a vacuum of teachers, doctors, health workers, engineers, and agriculturalists, Cambodia today is dependent on the assistance of agencies from outside countries that provide aid, education, relief, and development.

Since 1993 ADRA Canada has been making a difference in Cambodia by sponsoring programs of health education, water and sanitation, income generation and agricultural instruction.

Reflect Group Skills Training ProgramOne highly efficient and effective approach to helping a village become self sufficient is through “Reflect Groups”. As ADRA begins work in a village, women are invited to join a literacy program. As the women come together in their group sessions, they not only learn how to read, they also have natural opportunities to discuss many other issues of concern facing the families and their community. Under the guidance of a trained facilitator the women learn how to solve problems through communication, negotiation and reflection.