Give an Easter Gift of Water!

Water. It is so essential to life! Easter is a time of renewal. What better way to celebrate new life than by giving the gift of water? By setting up a monthly donation to ADRA Canada you can help us bring life-saving water to people in need.

Every 15 seconds a child dies from a preventable waterborne disease.

Mother and baby at a water tap in LaosA donation of $30 a month can give a community ongoing clean water.

A donation of $35 a month will help bring sanitation and hygiene.

A donation of $52.50 a month can provide a water storage tank to help families have water to irrigate their kitchen gardens during the dry season.

Click the button below and enter the amount that you would like to commit as a monthly donation.

If you would prefer to set up a automatic withdrawal from your bank account, download our bank authorization form by clicking here and mention “Water” in the Project line.

Thank you so much for your generosity in providing clean water with your gift.


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