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If you have a desire to learn about development and possibly see yourself working in the field, listed below are programs that can give you valuable experience and learning in the field. These programs range from development to global health and many more. You can choose different tracks within the major and Masters Programs.



Community and International Development at Andrews University, United States of America

The Community & International Development Program (CIDP) offers master-level education leading to a Master of Science in Community & International Development (MSCID). Students will explore the social science foundations especially in regard to probing the meaning of people-centered development.


mobile-logo2xGlobal Community Development at Southern Adventist University, United States of America

The Global Community Development degree prepares students to lead global, community-centered projects. The focus is on building long-term relationships in order to develop mutual trust and the sharing of information, resources, and visioning between indigenous and non-indigenous groups.



International Studies Degree at Burman University, Canada

The International Studies Degree at Burman University gives you valuable experience and learning in the field of development and global health. You can choose two different tracks within the major – World Cultures and Societies, or Global Health Studies.




Master of Arts 
International Social Sciences at Friedensau Adventist University, Germany

The Master of Arts in International Social Sciences (MA ISS) is an interdisciplinary study program that prepares students for a career in international social management.