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Volunteer and Employment Opportunities

ADRA Canada

Manager, Project Finance (Accountant): Click here for more information on this position.

Volunteer and Event Coordinator: Click here for more information on this position.

Emergency Management Project Manager: Click here for more information on this position.

Volunteer, Public Engagement Officer: Click here for more information on this volunteer position.

Submit applications for positions with ADRA Canada to:

ADRA Network

ADRA Thailand: Program Coordinator (Technical)

Click here to view the employment opportunities listed at ADRA International

ADRA Canada’s Partners

Canadian Foodgrains Bank
Regional Representative – Manatoba
Graphic Designer/Web Manager

ADRA Connections

ADRA Connections trips offer your church, school or other groups the opportunity to be part of ADRA’s life-changing work. Learn about ADRA’s work, help bring one of our projects to life and see some of the world’s most stunning scenery. Check out the trips and sign up your group today! Click here for more information.

ADRA Ambassador

ADRA is looking for dedicated people to join our cause of lifting people out of poverty and distress by being an Ambassador for ADRA in their church or school. Click here for more information.

Disaster Response Volunteer

During times of disaster, many compassionate people express their willingness to offer time and skills to help those affected by tragedy. For disasters within Canada, please contact the ADRA Representative in the conference office where the disaster occurred to determine if volunteers are needed. In some cases, to be used as a disaster response volunteer, prior training is advantageous or required. Please check with your local ADRA Representative for information.

ADRA Canada does not normally send volunteers overseas to assist with disaster response. Most of the time, volunteers can be sourced locally. This practice is advantageous as it decreases travel costs, uses people who speak the local language, and allows local people to be part of their own recovery.