Famine Relief

Drought and Conflict Leave Millions Starving

Millions of people throughout the Horn of Africa and the Middle East are facing starvation.  Years of failed crops due to low rainfall, compounded by civil conflict are causing the weak and vulnerable to die a slow death from a simple lack of food.

ADRA is responding to this food crisis in South Sudan, Uganda, Kenya and Somalia, feeding the hungry and homeless.  We need you, our supporters, to join us in saving lives.  Your generosity is urgently needed as we work to relieve hunger and suffering.

Through the ADRA Network that we already have in place in the field, your gift can be put to work immediately to help save lives.

Hungry Baby in Kenya with food bowl

Here are some suggested gifts and how much they can help.

$24 will feed a mother and child for one month.
$60 will feed a family for one month.
$144 will feed one person for a year.

Please give today to help us meet this crisis!

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Here is a snapshot of ADRA’s response to the famine in Africa

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