Famine in Africa

New desert land

Once a lush green pasture, this field in Somalia has turned to a dry sandy desert.

Girl in South Sudan

Drought conditions that have been haunting many parts of East Africa for the last few years have worsened in the last six months. The United Nations and aid agencies are once again declaring some parts of South Sudan officially in a famine condition.  One hundred thousand people in South Sudan are currently facing starvation, with an additional five million people hungry and at risk.  It is being called a “mega disaster”!

Mother and child in Somalia

Nomadic family in Somalia

In Somalia an estimated 6.2 million people are hungry.  For subsistence farmers and nomadic herders, the lack of rain means failed crops and no pasture to feed their animals.  People here have seen this before.  First the animals die and then the children.  Last time this happened, in 2011, over 250,000 people in Somalia died from starvation.  This time, aid agencies like ADRA are determined to reach the people in time to save more lives.

In parts of Kenya, farmers have experienced another year of failed harvests and the government of Kenya has declared an emergency and is calling for help.  An estimated 1.2 million people are suffering from hunger.

Child in Kenya

ADRA Canada is responding in South Sudan, Kenya and Somalia.  We are calling on our partners to help us get life-saving food to people desperately in need.  Your financial support is urgently needed.  You can save a child’s life with your gift!  Thank you for your compassion and generosity.

Yes! I want to save people from Hunger

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