New Board of Directors for ADRA Canada

New ADRA Canada Board of Directors Appointed

On March 5, 2017 a special general meeting of ADRA Canada voted to appoint a new Board of Directors for the next five years.  With Pastor Mark Johnson as board chair, the following individuals will serve:

Daniel Stojanovic, Ulysses Guarin, Lowell Cooper, Brian Hawes, Christine Hwang, Gary Hodder, Stan Jensen and Joseph Richards.

In addition, Permanent Invitees are: Executive Director of ADRA Canada and the ADRA NAD Director.

Invitees: Other officers of ADRA Canada’s administration.

All Conference and Mission Presidents of the Seventh-day Adventist Church in Canada are invited to all Board meetings where they will have the opportunity to advise.

We wish to thank all of the outgoing Directors for their service to ADRA Canada:

1. Grace Mackintosh                           2. Wesley Torres*
3. David Ripley*                                   4. John Fournier
5. Ken Corkum*                                   6. Mansfield Edwards*
7. Theodore Sargeant                         8. Kwasi Ansah-Adu*
9. Gaileen Woytko                             10. Hether Fankhauser
11. Linda Flowers                               12. Ed Dunn

* Will continue to serve on the Advisory to the Board.

At the meeting, our new board chair, Pastor Johnson noted his appreciation to Daniel Stojanovic, who has served with distinction as Board Chair for a number of years.

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