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ADRA Canada, part of a world-wide ADRA network, has been working to end extreme poverty in some of the poorest communities of our world for three decades.

These years of experience have helped ADRA develop dedicated, successful programs that lift whole communities out of poverty!

In order to break cycles of extreme poverty and bring about lasting, positive change, it is necessary to commit to long term, integrated programs that provide multiple interventions that bring water, health and sanitation, food security, primary education and income opportunities.

Today, the discipline of “International Development” has grown into a science, whereby professional programs of integrated interventions lead a community step by step out of poverty and disease, to a thriving community that is healthy, prosperous, self sufficient, educated and food-secure.

Systems that bring water to people, animals and gardens, are followed up with programs that bring sanitation to a village. The free time that the people now have, is used for education that brings literacy, numeracy, health education, agricultural instruction, and skills training to eager adult learners. Small business training is followed up with low-interest, small loans to give people the boost they need to start their own small enterprises. Village planning promotes participation and co-operation. Education programs establish new mores of human rights, gender roles, values, and responsibilities. Respect and reconciliation replace abuse and demoralization. Parents learn about the dangers of human trafficking and the importance of education for all of their children. Co-operative programs share resources and help establish a market for goods. With these combined initiatives, development programs are lifting people out of poverty in thousands of communities around the world.

Ending extreme poverty in our generation is a goal that speaks to us all. Canadians want to live in a world that is peaceful, healthy, functional and prosperous – a world where children can fulfill their dreams, and parents can experience the dignity of self-sufficiency. Reaching this goal, calls for the participation of us all. As we work together to lift people out of poverty, we establish hope, not just for the poor, but for everyone.