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During the five years of civil war, families have struggled to survive inside Syria.

The conflict has taken a serious toll on school infrastructure, limiting education opportunities for children and forcing the majority of Syria’s children out of their classrooms.

According to the UN, many children have lost up to five years of schooling, while others have dropped out with little chance of returning. The limited access to education opportunities puts thousands of boys and girls at risk of child labor and abuse and deprives them from their right to education.

Currently, the schools that remain are filled with debris from bomb blasts. ADRA has planned to rehabilitate these buildings so that children can continue their education in a familiar, and safe school environment. ADRA Canada’s project aims to increase access to quality education for Syrian girls and boys and will target 300 classrooms in 15 schools.

In addition, some children require psychosocial support to help them deal with the effects of trauma. The project will help provide counselling to those affected.

With your support, we will help children gain back their education.

We are looking once again for your support to help build classrooms on the grounds of Middle East University. Please join us by giving generously so that these refugee children can realize their dreams.