The Healing Fields of Cambodia

When people think of Cambodia, they may think of the magnificent temple ruins of Angkor Wat, the quaint floating villages of Tonle Sap Lake, the beautiful ocean coastline, or the TV documentary that they saw, about the prevalence of human trafficking in Cambodia and how young girls are sold into sexual slavery. Others might remember the recent civil war that turned the peaceful rice paddies of Cambodia, into horrific killing fields. What is often missed in the TV documentaries is the devastating, and lasting effect that war can have on the survivors, and whole communities.

In this video documentary, hosted by James Astleford, Executive Director for ADRA Canada, we learn how ADRA Canada began working in Cambodia in 1993 and has been supporting programs of water, health, sanitation, literacy, agriculture income generation, and community development in this war-torn country since that time. Learn how the programs of ADRA have helped turn the “Killing Fields” of Cambodia into “Healing Fields”.

We have prepared two versions of this video report. For just the main “scoop” watch this short version (10:12)

For a more complete story, watch the full version. (26:42)

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