Florence is the mother of two children. Before ADRA’s project began in her village, life was challenging. She struggled to feed her family. Her children faced malnourishment. Living in poverty, in a rural region of Rwanda, Florence did not have many options available to her.

But all of this changed when she received a cow from ADRA’s EMBRACE project.

Through the ADRA project, Florence learned how to properly care for the cow. She learned about the many benefits it would bring her family, including milk. Its manure is a free fertilizer that organically enriches the soil. Its urine can be used to deter pests from flourishing fruits and vegetables. Through one cow, a herd can slowly be built up, dramatically increasing a family’s income.

Florence’s children have enjoyed milk from their cow and quickly become healthier. Florence’s garden, which she learned to plant through the project, is now producing more than her family can consume, thanks to the manure. She shares the excess produce with her neighbours.

“I have learned a lot from EMBRACE,” Florence says. “It would take too much time to explain it all. The thing that makes me happiest is the cow. Before EMBRACE, I didn’t have access to manure or milk. But after EMBRACE, I’m able to get more manure than I need. I am now growing vegetables right next to my home. My children are benefiting from a balanced diet.
Glory to the Lord who brought EMBRACE and ADRA to this area. May God give them all that is good for them. I wish many blessings on ADRA and the Canadian people.”

The EMBRACE project of ADRA is made possible by funding provided from the Canadian Government through Global Affairs Canada and our faithful supporters.

Florence receives a jug of fresh milk from her husband.  The nutritious milk provided by her new cow has helped her children gain weight.  They no longer suffer from undernourishment.

Florence and her husband work in the kitchen garden next to their home.  With the help of the organic fertilizer provided by the ADRA cow, her vegetable garden now produces more than her family can eat!

The water tank provided by the EMBRACE project allows Florence to harvest the rain from her roof.  This provides all of the water she needs to irrigate her garden and provide water for her cow.