A Lost Generation

In this short video, discover what ADRA is doing to help Syrian refugee children get an education.

As of June, 2015 it is estimated that 300,000 people have been killed in the Syrian conflict. Over nine million have had to flee their homes to avoid being killed in the shelling. Approximately four million people have had to flee Syria altogether, to live as refugees in Jordan, Turkey, Iraq, Egypt, and Lebanon. Hardest hit are refugee children. Most of them are unable to attend school. Experts warn that the Syrian conflict is causing a “lost generation” of educated Syrians. The war has dragged on for five years now and there is no end in sight. When the conflict finally ends and the refugees are able to return home, there will be millions of youth who will lack the education and skills necessary to support themselves or their families.

The ADRA network has been aiding these refugees with food, emergency supplies, household items, and other support.

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