Decades ago the Seventh-day Adventist Church decided it wanted to corporately respond to world poverty and issues of injustice. They created an organization that has evolved into what is now called ADRA—the Adventist Development & Relief Agency.

ADRA’s presence in more than 130 countries around the globe, including Canada, provides community development and emergency management assistance without regard to political or religious association, age, gender, race, or ethnicity. Staffed by specialists, the network of ADRA offices around the world work together to bring relief to the suffering and new hope to those struggling in poverty.

With ADRA offices that are locally registered and recognized, it makes implementing a program in developing nations much easier. If a disaster happens anywhere on the globe, chances are we already have an ADRA office with trained local staff, ready to implement an efficient emergency response. With years of successful programs, ADRA has a strong track record in most countries of our World. With the relationships we have developed with communities and governments, ADRA is often one of the first to gain access to a disaster site. With the strength that comes from the world wide ADRA network, funds and supplies are quickly mobilized.

Each country office is registered in the country where it is established, and is responsible to a local Board of Directors. Each office solicits funding and implements projects at their own discretion. Together, we are implementing thousands of projects, benefiting millions of people each year.

ADRA Regional Offices

Regional Offices provide administrative and programmatic support to offices within the region