As you partner with ADRA, to help lift people out of poverty, it is our commitment to make every penny of your gift count. At ADRA Canada, we are serious about stewardship. By supporting our programs with your gifts, we know that you have placed your trust in us to use your generous donations wisely and efficiently. We know that when people give to humanitarian organizations that they want to be sure that their money is actually going to help people in need. It is our commitment to make every dollar you give go as far as possible. In fact, we do everything that we can to make your donation grow!

Did you know that for every dollar you donate, more than a dollar’s worth of goods and services reaches the field?

As we partner with the Canadian Government and other agencies, the impact of each dollar you give is doubled, tripled, quadrupled or even more! To see our financial statements, please view our latest annual report.

ADRA Canada’s Annual Report highlights what has been achieved during the calendar year — thanks to your support, the Canadian government and other organizations.