Adventist Development and Relief Agency (ADRA)

ADRA is the official humanitarian agency of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. ADRA Canada works as part of the global ADRA network. Through this network, our reach extends into more than 130 countries. We work with communities in Canada and overseas to help them to lift themselves out of poverty, creating a brighter future.


To serve humanity so all may live as God intended.


Justice. Compassion. Love.

What We Do

ADRA Canada, part of a worldwide ADRA network, has been working to end extreme poverty in some of the poorest areas of our world since 1985.

In order to break cycles of extreme poverty and bring about lasting, positive change, it is necessary to commit to long term, integrated programs that provide multiple interventions that bring water, sanitation, and health, food and nutrition, education and income opportunities. ADRA has been working to deliver programs and respond to disasters internationally and domestically. We are running specific programs in multiple countries.

To achieve these goals, we collaborate with local governments, ADRA network offices, our partners and other organizations. Together, we are working to lift people out of poverty, establish hope, empower communities, and provide positive change.

Emergency Response

Delivering immediate emergency relief and ongoing support for the recovery and development of those in affected areas.


Our development programs are community-based, sustainable, and focused on transforming the needs of a community.

Our Worldwide Network

ADRA Canada is a part of a worldwide network with ADRA offices that are locally registered and recognized. When a disaster occurs, the local ADRA Office in that region will have trained local staff, ready to implement an efficient emergency response.

With the relationships ADRA has developed with communities and governments, ADRA is often one of the first to gain access to a disaster site. With the strength that comes from the worldwide ADRA network, funds and supplies are quickly mobilized.

Each country office is registered in the country where it is established and is responsible to a local Board of Directors. Each office solicits funding and implements projects at their own discretion. As a network, ADRA is implementing thousands of projects, benefiting millions of people each year.

Our Partners & Memberships