The rural mountainous region of Rwanda where ADRA is working on the EMBRACE project.

Women at an EMBRACE group meeting called a “Reflect Circle” in Cambodia learn about health and nutrition.

A woman in Myanmar visits the local health clinic.  The EMBRACE project is improving maternal health by encouraging pregnant women to have regular prenatal exams.

A woman in Myanmar shows off some of the produce she has learned how to grow through the EMBRACE project.

A woman in Rwanda cares for her three story kitchen garden.  This permaculture method maximizes space and is a “no dig” method of gardening where microorganisms remain undisturbed to build up healthy soils.

In many rural regions of Africa and Southeast Asia, women who develop complications during childbirth may need to be transported to the hospital in what is called a “traditional ambulance”.

Canada has donated this ambulance to the people living in the EMBRACE project area in Rwanda to help save the lives of mothers and children.

Children in the Philippines Learn through Play in the EMBRACE project.

Children in the Philippines Learn through Play in the EMBRACE project.

An ADRA instructor teaches mothers and caregivers about the importance of breastfeeding.

A woman in Myanmar feeds her children a healthy meal from her kitchen garden.

A girl in the Philippines learns the importance of washing hands before eating.

Children in the Philippines are living happier, healthier lives because of EMBRACE.

Saving Lives in Rwanda is a good overview video of the EMBRACE project in Rwanda.

Here is the film that was produced from the 10 day canoe trip that Frank went on with the First Nations youth.

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Michael Kirkby is the Design and Communications Coordinator for ADRA Canada. He is responsible for creating many of the visuals that ADRA Canada uses at events and in publications across Canada. As a graduate of the International Studies program at Canadian University College (now Burman University) in Alberta, Michael is now happy to use his degree at ADRA. Before taking this position with ADRA in 2014, Michael honed his organizational skills at an asset management firm in Toronto. Michael enjoys visiting our projects in the field and always returns with many photographs, video footage and stories of his adventures.

Sharon Njobo is a passionate international not-for-profit leader with experience working with teams in multiple locations. A graduate of International Development and Global Health, Sharon brings strong leadership and communication skills. She is an advocate for children, women and marginalized communities. Educated in Zimbabwe, Sharon began her career as a journalist for the national news agency. She earned her MSc. in Development Studies from University of Natal, South Africa. Sharon’s thesis for the MSc. in Global Health with University of Manchester, interrogated the impact of child early and forced marriages on maternal and child health outcomes. She has been a volunteer executive board member of Women’s Health in Women’s Hands, which provides community, mental and clinical health care in metropolitan Toronto.