Nadine Ramsay

Originally from the Island of Jamaica, Nadine is happy to support the work of ADRA Canada as Administrative Assistant.

She previously served the Church, while working at the Northern Caribbean University in Jamaica for 17 years, where she also earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Management Studies.

Her desire is to live by the Golden Rule, ‘Whatsoever ye would that men should do to you, do ye so to them’.

Charmaine N. Williams Tate

Charmaine is a Finance Professional, who has worked in banking and communications industries in Jamaica. She holds a Master’s Degree in Finance. She is excited to take up her position of Manager, Project Finance here at ADRA. She believes that each one can reach one and that has been her mantra in doing all she can to make a difference in the lives of the people we encounter daily. Along with her professional accolades, she loves being a mother, wife, friend, confidant, singer, writer, christian and motivational speaker. She embraces each day as an opportunity to make a difference.

Kaily Lima

Kaily is a professional with over ten years of experience in IT Administration and Operations. Before arriving at ADRA she worked for a multinational marketing agency, leading technology projects. Her new role at ADRA Canada will include supporting domestic and international emergency programs.

Originally from Brazil, Kaily knows full well the need that many people face in developing countries. She is enthusiastic about her role at ADRA Canada and is passionate about sharing God’s love through service, helping those in need.

Kaily says, “It is with great honour and a humble heart that I offer myself in service to God and to others in this new role”.

Kaily serves at her local church as a worship ministry leader and in her spare time she enjoys singing, camping and spending time with her husband Sam and two children, Emelie and Daniel.