Apply to be an ADRA Ambassador

Join our team of ADRA Ambassadors who promote ADRA’s projects and campaigns, and distribute resources in their church, school or community. ADRA Ambassadors have access to resources and receive special updates.

The Ambassador

  • Provides contact between ADRA Canada and their church/school
  • Encourages others to be involved in ADRA’s ministry of compassion
  • Is the “communication liaison” between ADRA Canada and those who are able to make public presentations about ADRA
  • Shares news releases and information relating to ADRA Canada
  • Ensures that ADRA materials are delivered and used, videos are shown, etc.
  • May be voted to the position as part of the church election process. In some churches, the individual is chosen by common consent.

Please fill in the application form if you are interested in the position of ADRA Ambassador and we will be in contact with you soon.

Ambassadors Application

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