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ADRA Gifts Change Lives in Rwanda

Ruth and her husband lived in a small town in the Eastern province of Rwanda. Together they had five children and were doing quite well. Unexpectedly, Ruth’s husband passed away. She tried to carry on but found it too overwhelming. Ruth and the children moved back to the rural village where her husband grew [...]

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The PROMISE Project in Rwanda

Welcome to the ADRA Canada Insider Podcast. Thank you for joining us for another episode! In this podcast we hear from Calvin Okello and Frank Spangler as they tell us about the wonderful PROMISE project that ADRA Canada is conducting in the beautiful African nation of Rwanda. The PROMISE project is undertaken [...]

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Finding the Joy in Accounting

Welcome to the ADRA Canada Podcast. We are so happy you have joined us today! In this episode we talk with two people from ADRA's finance department who tell us how they find joy and fulfillment in the work that they are doing for ADRA. Richard [...]

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Heather’s Story

Heather Grbic has been a strong promoter of ADRA Canada's EMBRACE Project.  She calls the project, "Saving the Lives of Mommas and Babies".  When she had complications with the delivery of her own baby, the importance of ADRA's work in helping mothers to have safe pregnancies and deliveries became very real for [...]

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Ration Meal Challenge with Tyler Dooks

Tyler Dooks takes the Ration Meal Challenge. We want to thank everyone who is doing the Ration Meal Challenge this year. Why not document your experience like Tyler has done and share with your social circles to help encourage them to sponsor you? For those of you not taking the Challenge, you can make a [...]

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The Message

ADRA Canada's EMBRACE Project is designed to improve the lives and health of mothers and young children in remote regions of our world. In 2016, EMBRACE began working with the Karen ethnic group in the Kayin State of Myanmar. The participants in the project are finding the concepts they are learning to be transformative. Some [...]

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Responding to Floods in India

The monsoons cause flooding in the Kerala state of India almost every year. This year was different. Beginning in June the rains slowly became more intense. By the beginning of August they were torrential. The resulting flooding has been called the worst in the region in 100 years and the death toll is over [...]

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Missed Us at Campmeeting?

We really enjoyed meeting many of you at Campmeeting.  It is always nice when we can thank you in person for your loyal support throughout the year.  In case you missed us or our presentation, here is our video report on the work that ADRA Canada has been doing over the last year.   If [...]

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The Rohingya Refugee Crisis

In this episode of the ADRA Canada Insider we visit Rohingya refugee camps in Bangladesh.  August 25, 2018 marks the one year anniversary since this major humanitarian crisis began. In this episode, we will be talking to three of our staff members who have recently visited some of our emergency relief projects [...]

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ADRA Canada Welcomes Alain Normand

ADRA Canada is excited to announce that Alain Normand has joined the ADRA Canada family as the Senior Manager for National Emergencies. Alain is a recognized emergency management professional known well in Canada and a recipient of the National Award for Emergency Management, the highest award in Canada in this field. He is currently the [...]

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