You may not have seen much of it in the media, but eastern India is being battered by Cyclone Fani, a storm with truly catastrophic potential. Wind speeds up to 130 mph, pounding rain, and giant waves along the coast have caused the evacuation of 1.1 million people already, and more than 100 million are still in the path of the storm!

Your assistance at this stage is critical.

ADRA’s team in India is on the ground and ready to respond. Your donation to ADRA’s emergency fund will be used for preparation and quick response where it’s needed most.

In emergencies like this, your gift will help those affected by providing hygiene kits, temporary shelter, and other urgent resources.

Cyclone Fani is also bringing rough conditions in Bangladesh where ADRA volunteers are assisting with evacuation in areas already hit with rain and flooding.

Please don’t wait. Your help is needed NOW.