Dancing on Water

One of our major partners, the Canadian Foodgrains Bank is working to help bring water security to many communities in Africa. In one unique program called “Sand Dams” precious water is being saved and used wisely. If you are interested in learning about simple water conservation programs, you will find this video report fascinating.

In a part of the world where many communities are losing the fight against desertification, one community in South Eastern Kenya has found a unique way to reclaim their lands by harvesting and keeping the seasonal rains that do fall. Through terracing, planting trees and building hundreds of small dams on the rivers that run through their community, they have actually been able to raise the water tables in their county during the worst droughts to hit this region of Africa in many years. In this video report, learn how the people of Canada, through the Mennonite Church and the Canadian Foodgrains Bank is partnering with the people of Kenya to bring water security to people in need.

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