• Having a consistent source of power will allow health care workers to provide quality care at all hours of the day and night. Your gift of $3,000 will enable a remote health centre to operate its equipment at all times.
  • “We play games, we learn songs and poems, there are toys, and it is just nice to have a place to go where you can be with other kids in a place that is safe and dry. ADRA gives us some snacks and treats every day.” Unfamiliar surroundings, the loss of one or both parents, and an uncertain future can be overwhelming for refugee children. Your gift can provide the materials needed to build and stock a Child Friendly Space so children in refugee camps, like Laila, can laugh, play, make friends, and learn in a safe environment.
  • The Phillips family had a good life in their home country until they were targeted because of their faith. For the safety of their family, they decided that they needed to leave. Your gift of $800 will give a family like the Phillips food, shelter, and hygiene products for one month.
  • Cow

    Deo and his family live in an area where malnutrition rates are high. Before the family received a cow from ADRA they were unable to afford milk. Now their children’s health has improved. They use the cow’s manure for fertilizer and the urine to create an organic pesticide. They plan to sell the calves for more income. Your gift of a cow will improve a family’s life in many ways.
  • Namwan is 12 years old. She is afraid to leave her village because she may be arrested. Despite being born in Thailand, tens of thousands of people are unable to work, travel, or attend school because they don’t have citizenship. Your gift of $500 will help a stateless person like Namwan to apply for and receive the papers they need to live with dignity, opportunity, and without fear.
  • Greenhouse

    Greenhouses have two main benefits. They extend the growing season, in some cases by months, and they protect plants from animals, bugs, and the weather. Your gift of $325 can help a family to grow more food and protect themselves from hunger.