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Give through Your Securities

Put your securities to work saving lives!

20140212-Myanmar-4429Thank you for your interest in helping the work of ADRA Canada by donating your stocks and mutual funds. Your generous gift will help people around the world live healthier, happier lives.

As you discuss this idea with your financial planner, you may discover that there are tax advantages to doing a “direct donation” of your securities to ADRA, as you may be able to eliminate capital gains taxes.

Here is a Securities Donation Form that contains all of the information that your broker needs to initiate the securities donation.

Frequently Asked Questions about Donating Securities

What can I donate?

Accepted securities can include stocks, bonds and mutual funds.

Isn’t this something that would benefit only the very wealthy?

Many people are surprised at how this method of giving is able to help people of all income levels. Some have called it “the best kept secret of financial planning”.

Wouldn’t this be best done in my will?

Securities donations can be included in your will, however donating today has the added advantage of being able to enjoy the satisfaction of seeing your gift at work.

Discuss the advantages of a direct donation of your securities with your financial planner and discover how you help us save lives and enjoy tax advantages today!