You can still make a difference.

In 2020, needed now more than ever, your donation restores their human dignity.

In 2019, a dire situation became critical in some of the regions where ADRA is working to bring stability. 2020 is only looking more challenging. Conditions have deteriorated so badly, we must take special precautions to safeguard those we are helping. Take Alejandra (we’ve changed her name to ensure her privacy) and her country.


A former middle-class worker, Alejandra is a proud ADRA volunteer.

Her heart breaks for the multi-generational families she helps. Alejandra tells of “diarrhea, stomach problems, skin problems, problems with hair.” They even lack basics like soap and toothpaste.

And there are much bigger problems. In Alejandra’s neighbourhood, “We’ve seen killings. We’ve had five families that have left … I don’t know whatever happened to them. It’s terrible.”

The past few years have been chaotic, but ADRA and the Canadian Foodgrains Bank are working together to restore some stability.

Take the story of “Maria.” When we met last year, Maria was pregnant with her fourth child. She told us she was preparing for her coming baby by saving diapers already used by her two-year-old. “Sometimes we couldn’t wash our clothes because of the crisis. We didn’t have hygiene items. The little money we have is barely enough to eat.”

ADRA is on the ground, helping Maria and her children, Alejandra, and thousands of others. Starting now, right through till July — possibly longer — we’re supplying basic food and essentials. So, please help now!

$30 can give a month
of meals to a
senior citizen

$60 can feed
a mother and
child for a month