Helping Refugees from the Democratic Republic of the Congo

IDP Couple in Myanmar

“The rebels murdered my husband!”

Kato is one of the thousands of refugees that are streaming into Uganda from the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC). The renewed conflict in the DRC has displaced over four million Congolese people from their homes. Since the beginning of 2018 close to 50,000 have arrived in Uganda.

“We had already been living in a refugee camp in Uganda for three years but we had gone back home for the funeral of my father-in-law. It was while we were there that my husband went out to gather some wood to cook our meal when he was attacked and killed by the rebels. I escaped with only my life and am now back here in Uganda.”

Francois arrived at the Nyakabande refugee processing centre with his three children, but not his wife. Rebels attacked their home, killed her, and left him for dead. He was severely beaten and is now partially blind and paralyzed. They arrived at the Ugandan border with only the clothes they were wearing.

ADRA Canada, in partnership with the ADRA network, is assisting these refugees by providing emergency supplies such as clothing, shoes, water containers, and sanitary hygiene kits.

Your support is helping these families to start a new life.

Refugees from the DRC share a meal in one of the shelters at the receiving centre on the border inside Uganda.

Three children from the same family arrive in Uganda without their parents.  Like most refugees, they arrive with only the clothes they are wearing.

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