Let’s fight hunger together

One in ten people worldwide are facing hunger, according to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals Report of 2022. We’re facing a global hunger crisis on an epic scale. But at ADRA, we truly believe there’s a solution. It can be found in banding together, living generously, and creating the kind of world where we eagerly care for one another. The only sustainable solution to the problem of hunger is love. It’s time to dethrone hunger and set a place for justice at the table.

The Justice at the Table campaign is a life-changing opportunity to raise funds that will bring emergency and sustainable food solutions to hundreds of thousands in 13 countries, including Sudan, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Ukraine, Yemen, and Venezuela. If we raise $2.4 million by March 31, 2023, we can multiply that amount to $15 million through our partnership with the Canadian Foodgrains Bank. Programming at this scale would make a significant and lasting difference in uprooting the causes of hunger and empowering families to put food on their tables.
With your help, we can truly make a difference to families around the world. Together, we can turn the tide of hunger.