Hurricane Gilbert

Victims of Hurricane Gilbert

Getting water from a broken pipe in Kingston, Jamaica. Photo attribution: PvdV

In early September, 1988, a ferocious hurricane was making headway in the Caribbean. This hurricane was dubbed Hurricane Gilbert, a name that undoubtedly conjures up memories for many. It wreaked havoc for nine days on the Caribbean islands, killing 318 people and leaving damages upwards of $7.1 billion (1988 USD) in its wake. This particular hurricane earned itself such a reputation the World Meteorological Organization retired the name. Ever after Hurricane Gilbert would be the Hurricane Gilbert.

The needs were immediate and prolonged. ADRA Canada responded by shipping emergency relief supplies, helping thousands of Hurricane Gilbert’s survivors.

ADRA Canada is still at hard at work bringing emergency relief to disaster survivors around the world. The dedicated compassion of our supporters has enabled us to bring help to the helpless for 30 years and counting.

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