In a short period of time throughout 2018, Indonesia was struck with several disasters. The country endured multiple earthquakes, hundreds of damaging aftershocks, a tsunami, and a volcanic eruption. Over 2,000 casualties were reported and thousands more were seriously injured. The devastation was extensive.

The first earthquake occurred on July 29th 2018 in Lombok, with the others occurring only days apart. These earthquakes ranged in magnitude from 6.2 to 7.0 with many aftershocks over 5.0.

On September 29th 2018, an earthquake hit the island of Sulawesi and triggering a deadly tsunami. Reports confirm the tsunami’s waves reached nearly 20 feet high and travelled at approximately 800 km/h.

Homes were swept away, buildings and bridges collapsed, and roads buckled and cracked.

ADRA’s emergency response teams responded to both these disasters as soon as possible but accessing all affected areas proved to be difficult. The damaged infrastructure made many areas inaccessible and delayed relief efforts. Hilly and remote regions proved even more difficult to reach. The lack of reliable communication further complicated the response.

Thanks to the support of the ADRA community, many people have been given hope. Trucks filled with emergency supplies including, food, water, baby food and supplies, tents and tarps, blankets and medicine was distributed to thousands of survivors.

Your generous contributions have saved lives and has brought relief to those affected in Indonesia.

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