Lac Seul

ADRA is working with the First Nations community of Lac Seul in northwestern Ontario to promote healthy living.

Eating healthy, balanced meals can control and even reverse diabetes. Eating fresh vegetables can be a challenge in Lac Seul as all produce is flown into the community at a high cost.  ADRA is helping community members to grow their own nutritious vegetables in their own yards by providing agricultural training, seeds and garden boxes.

Alongside our partners, ADRA is helping to build raised garden beds.  These boxes are great for growing healthy plants, provide drainage, and serve as a barrier to pests and animals. In many regions, our project participants can plant earlier in the season because the soil is kept above ground level.

ADRA Canada also hosted a diabetes clinic for the community. Participants were taught about risk factors and were given information on preventing and coping with this illness.

With your support, ADRA is helping communities here in Canada.