Lochebei is a widow in South Sudan. With six children ranging in age from two to fifteen years old, she has a lot of mouths to feed.

Before her husband died last year, and a terrible drought came to South Sudan, the family was doing well—they had enough to eat. Her husband herded cattle while she sold charcoal in the market and farmed sorghum. Now she depends on help from her in-laws, and her children work each day to find wild vegetables they can eat. Together, they can usually get enough food for one meal each day.

Fortunately, Lochebei was among over 13,000 people in South Sudan who received help from ADRA and the Canadian Foodgrains Bank—sorghum, beans, oil, and salt. Now her children don’t have to work each day to support the family.

Lochebei hopes that one day her children will be able to go to school.

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