Mamawe Atosketan Native School (MANS)

ADRA Canada is known for the community development programs that it conducts in remote communities around the world. Did you know that ADRA Canada is also working in Canadian communities, as well? Through our partnership with Mamawe Atosketan Native School and the Wikwemikong community on Manitoulin Island, ADRA is working together with Canadian First Nations.

Mamawe Atosketan Native School (MANS) – A high number of First Nations students come to school hungry. They haven’t had breakfast, and many of them don’t have lunches, either. The impact of this hunger can be seen in their tired faces, their flagging energy, and their low concentration on their lessons.

Growing bodies and growing minds need good nutrition to succeed. ADRA Canada has worked for a number of years with MANS to help support their breakfast and lunch programs for the students. Through this program, children who show up hungry are offered breakfast, and children without lunches are offered food. The teachers notice the difference in the children’s concentration, behaviour, and scholastic success. The parents are grateful that their children are attending a school where all their needs are considered – mind, body, and spirit.

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