Since August 25th, 2017 almost a million Rohingya fled to Bangladesh.

The country is struggling with the influx, as a severe lack of food and water is leaving families extremely malnourished.  Almost all of them lack the means to support themselves and they and are not permitted to work. They cannot afford even the most basic items, such as food, water, cooking utensils, soap, blankets, or clothing.

ADRA Canada in the partnership with the ADRA network, the Canadian Foodgrains Bank, and the government of Canada is responding to this crisis by providing lentils, cooking oil, salt, sugar, and other needed items to over 50,000 people.

With the monsoon season upon us, there are expectations that large areas of the overcrowded camps will be washed away as the makeshift shelters constructed of cheap plastic and hastily cut bamboo branches are not strong enough to withstand the rains.

ADRA is on the ground coordinating and cooperating with other humanitarian agencies, helping to ensure that the shelter needs of the families continue to be met.

refugees are at risk from landslides and floods
refugees have been helped through the ADRA network