Emergency Response

Tsunamis, flooding, earthquakes, conflict.

Disasters do not discriminate between rich and poor, but their deadly and long-term destructive force is amplified when they hit lives shackled by poverty.  People lose their homes, their livestock, their crops and often have to flee with nothing more than what they can carry.

In disaster zones people need immediate assistance.  Without pure water, food, shelter and emergency medical attention, many more will die.

One of the things that ADRA is known the most for is the ability to quickly respond to natural disasters wherever they may occur. Because ADRA maintains local, registered offices in most of the countries of our world, and has trained staff and volunteers ready to move into action, they are well positioned to often be one of the first responders on the ground in times of disaster. With a large network of offices that are plugged in to the funding sources of Western governments and private donors, ADRA is able to fund large scale relief programs and then stay on to help people recover and rebuild their lives.

We often don’t think about giving to help the victims of a natural disaster until their stories splash across our news screens. However, in order for ADRA to deliver the rapid response that people need, it is important to have emergency supplies ready to go. You can help ADRA save lives by giving to our Emergency Relief Fund. When the next earthquake or hurricane happens, you can know that your donation is already working to help people in need.


Below is a list of some of our recent emergency response activities.

ADRA Canada provides aid to those affected by disasters around the world—like hurricanes, earthquakes, war and drought.