ADRA is all about changing lives for the better. Of all of the various types of programs that we have managed over the years, the one that always brings about the most positive change in people is education.

While it is not the mission of ADRA to run school systems in the countries in which we work, we have discovered many ways that we can support, promote, facilitate and lead out in learning systems that transform the lives of children and adults.


Primary Education for Adults

Many people living in the rural areas of developing countries have never had the opportunity to go to school or they may have had to quit after grade two or three. ADRA is changing people’s lives by providing simple programs of primary education that teach people the very basics, such as how to read and do simple math needed for starting a small business. Ask a woman in Nepal what it means to her to suddenly be able to read, and she is likely to say, “I was blind, but now I see!” Now that she can read, a whole world of opportunity has opened up for her and her family.

Child Education

The future of every nation lies within the minds of its children. Education is the key to a future of peace, security and prosperity. ADRA advocates for education by sensitizing parents to the importance of sending all of their children to school, including their girls. Working with village leaders, ADRA helps build schools and provide water systems and latrines close to the classrooms. Teacher Training programs improve the quality of education. Desks, books, blackboards, and teaching supplies help facilitate a good learning environments. Uniforms and school supplies help make school affordable for students to attend.

Skills Training

ADRA invites adults who have never had the opportunity of an education, to learn new skills that will help provide income for their families. ADRA workshops teach people new trades and abilities that may raise them above poverty for the rest of their lives! When parents are able to make cash income they are able to send their children to school, breaking the cycle of poverty.