We’re serious about our shared passion for investing in the dreams of the poor and caring for those affected by disasters.

We also love ADRA’s ministry of compassion and are committed to spreading hope in Canada and around the globe. With our unique skills, diverse backgrounds, and life experiences, we have created a dedicated team of hard-working professionals.


Stephen MatthewsExecutive Director
Anita M. Odondi
Anita M. OdondiEmergency Program Director
Analynn Bruce
Analynn BruceDevelopment Program Director
Stephen Keys
Stephen KeysChief Financial Officer
Sharmilla Reid
Sharmilla ReidSupporter Relations Director


Board Chair: Mark Johnson

Christine Hwang
Donna Lee Lehmann
Jean Levy

Joseph Richards II
Lowell Cooper
Lucille Galdamez

Michael Collins
Paul Llewellyn
Paul Musafili