“ADRA has played a big role in the promotion of safe and healthy pregnancies. Because of the education they have done in the villages, we are seeing a much higher percentage of pregnant mothers now coming into the clinic for pre-natal exams. This is great! It gives us the opportunity to check the health of the mother and get her on nutritional supplements, get her up to date with her immunizations, and provide time for counselling and education. As she gets closer to term, we are also able to determine if there are likely to be any complications and if so, can recommend her to have the baby in a hospital with a doctor and more facilities available.

ADRA and their partners provided a birthing ward, beds, birthing equipment, and supplies. Almost everyone is now having their babies here where it is safer and more sterile.” – Nan, Midwife in Myanmar

Your gift will help mothers and children survive and thrive.