Could you eat like a refugee for a day?

In times of conflict, drought, or other crisis, people need food fast. One way to ensure that they get the food they need to survive is through the distribution of ration meals.

What is a typical ration meal? The World Health Organization says a typical ration consists of 450 grams of cereal, 50 grams of pulses, 50 grams of oil, and 5 grams of iodized salt per person per day.

Join us in taking the Ration Meal Challenge!  For one day, eat only the ration meal so you can see what it might be like to live in a refugee camp.

The cool thing is that you can turn this experience into a way to help ADRA save lives in a time of crisis! It’s an easy and fun way to raise money for ADRA.

“The entire day, all I could think about was when my next actual meal was going to be, a luxury that many people don’t have. Taking this ration meal challenge definitely opened my eyes to how lucky I am to have food waiting for me whenever I want it.” – Alicia

How it works

What’s in the Ration Meal bar?

Beans and Rice

Beans and Rice Recipe

Not quite ready to take the Challenge, but still want to make a donation to the cause? All donations are matched by the Canadian Foodgrains Bank.

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