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Mandera West, Kenya

The rugged beauty of Mandera West in northern Kenya.

Typically dry and brown, the landscape quickly blossoms to a rich green with a little rainfall.

With roots from the nomadic cultures of Somalia, the people of Mandera are primarily pastoralists  who have traditionally made their livelihoods from the raising of camels, cattle, sheep, and goats.

After providing emergency food assistance during a long drought, ADRA began teaching the people to grow drought resistant grass in fenced fields to produce fodder for their animals to help get them through dry spells.

ADRA taught the people how to preserve the fodder by creating bales.

ADRA introduced a variety of vegetables that have helped the people develop a balanced, nutritional diet.

Water conservation techniques, such as drip irrigation, help people grow vegetables even during the dry season.

Pastoralists by tradition, people are starting to become farmers, with the help of the instruction they have received from ADRA.  Two men show off a baler and a beehive made of natural materials.

Flash flooding in the county sometimes requires innovative methods of crossing seasonal rivers.  This is a barrel raft that helped the visiting ADRA team get into the town during an unexpected flood.

Frank pulls a youth group together for a photo.  With instruction and help from ADRA, these young men have learned the skill of beekeeping. They now have a thriving new business that provides a good income for their families.

With the help of a new balanced diet, the children of Mandera West are looking strong and healthy!

A local village elder with his three wives.

A curious camel leans in to get a “selfie” with Frank.

A grateful family give Frank a chicken as a gift for what ADRA had done for them!

A cheetah says “hi” in the Maasai Mara National Reserve in Kenya.

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After working full time at ADRA Canada for four years, presenting in churches and schools across Canada and visiting projects abroad, Heather has shifted gears. A new mom with a very active toddler, she now works part-time as our Publications Coordinator. Heather has always loved writing for ADRA and she is thrilled to be responsible for much of our writing needs in the Supporter Relations Department.  She now takes on the role of host of the ADRA Insider Video Podcast!

Coming to us from Newfoundland, Steve Matthews has taken on the role of Executive Director at ADRA Canada.  To assist him in his leadership of ADRA Canada, Steve brings with him his extensive experience in engineering and project management. Since joining us in March of 2018 he has visited many of our project sites and joins us in this episode of ADRA Insider  to tell us about his recent trip to Mandera West, in Kenya.

Anita M. Odondi is the Emergency Program Director for ADRA Canada.  Hailing from Uganda, Africa, Anita has been serving in the ADRA Network since 2000.  Anita gained firsthand experience in emergency response as she worked extensively with ADRA in responding to the Indonesian tsunami, Cyclone Nargis in Myanmar, and the 2010 Haitian earthquake.  Joining ADRA Canada in 2013, Anita has worked diligently in responding to disasters here in Canada and around the world.  Her vast international experience positions her well to work with government officials and non-governmental agencies that are doing relief and development work.

Frank Spangler is the Multimedia  Specialist in the Supporter Relations Department of ADRA Canada. When he is not out traveling the world filming and photographing ADRA stories, you will find him at his desk editing videos and photographs to help tell the story of what ADRA does. He also works on the website of ADRA Canada and is now producing this monthly video podcast. Frank has been filming and producing videos for ADRA Canada since 1989 as a freelance producer. In 2014 he began working directly for ADRA Canada.  In this episode, Frank comes out from behind the camera and becomes one of the guests, as he shares his story about the work ADRA is doing in Mandera West.