The monsoons cause flooding in the Kerala state of India almost every year. This year was different. Beginning in June the rains slowly became more intense. By the beginning of August they were torrential. The resulting flooding has been called the worst in the region in 100 years and the death toll is over 400. Over one million people have been displaced from their flooded homes and are sheltering in one of the 5,645 temporary relief camps that have been set up throughout the state. Dramatic emergency evacuations by the Army, Navy, police, firefighters, Coast Guards and local fishermen have saved many lives. Thousands are still missing or stranded and awaiting rescue. 3,700 medical camps have been set up to make health assessments and prevent the spread of disease.

ADRA India is currently in the region cooperating with other aid agencies and emergency response teams.

Lives have been devastated. Over 50,000 homes and 40,000 hectares of food crops have been destroyed. Livestock and possessions have been lost. Landslides have completely buried homes and farms. The road to recovery from this disaster will be long and the needs are great.

ADRA Canada is appealing to our friends and partners to respond to this crisis with your prayers and financial support.

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As people begin to return home to check on their homes they are finding total loss to the floods.

Flood Flattened House in India

House and all possessions destroyed by floods in Kerala India.

40,000 hectares of farmland and gardens have been destroyed by the floods.