Over 600,000 Rohingya refugees have fled their homes seeking safety across the border in Bangladesh. They are in desperate need of food, clean water, and shelter. Each day, thousands more arrive at the makeshift refugee camps and the situation is growing more desperate.

For families like Mina’s, the journey has been exhausting. After walking three days through the jungle and crossing the river by boat, they had to stay in multiple locations before arriving at the refugee camp. When asked about the urgent needs in the camp, Mina says: “We need shelter, food, cooking pans, water, a toilet, and a bridge! The most important is shelter. Look, there are no walls on this shelter. There are also not any fences around us for protection.”

ADRA Canada, in partnership with the ADRA network and the Canadian Foodgrains Bank, is responding to this unexpected crisis by providing lentils, cooking oil, salt, sugar, and other items to over 50,000 people. Shelter tarps are also being provided.

More plans are being made to address the other needs. We urgently need your support to help the children and families who were forced to flee their homes with nothing.

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