Your support saves lives.

Hundreds of thousands of people like Amin and his family were forced to flee for their lives seeking safety across the border in Bangladesh. They are in desperate need of food, clean water, and shelter. Each day, thousands more arrive at the makeshift refugee camps and the situation is growing more desperate. According to the United Nations, one-third of the refugee population is vulnerable. There are single mothers holding their families together and others who are struggling with serious health problems or disabilities.

For only $30 you can feed a mother and child for an entire month. $75 feeds a family of five for the same period.  $250 provides a shelter for a family.

Kolima is one mother who is growing desperate as she tries to provide for her three children. She also doesn’t know where her husband is, leaving her to seek food, shelter, proper sanitation, security and health support all on her own.

“I have been currently living here for one month now. There are four of us families currently living under one shelter that only consists of two tarps. We don’t feel secure here; the shelter is still very open. We need to improve it.”

ADRA Canada, in partnership with the ADRA network and the Canadian Foodgrains Bank, is responding to this unexpected crisis by providing lentils, cooking oil, salt, sugar, and other items to over 50,000 people. Shelter tarps are also being provided.

More plans are being made to address the other needs. We urgently need your support to help the children and families who were forced to flee their homes with nothing.

Please donate today and your donation will have twice the impact as the Canadian government is matching all individual donations dollar-for-dollar until November 28th.

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