ADRA is working hard to alleviate the suffering that people in Yemen are experiencing due to the civil conflict in the country.  In this map of Yemen, the areas shaded in green show the areas of the country where ADRA is working.  The number of full time employees, interns, community workers and volunteers that are working for ADRA is close to 1500.

Anita visits one of the three ADRA offices in Sana’a, Yemen to discuss the Canadian funded projects.

A family who lost their home due to air strikes are now taking shelter in a cave near their village.

One girl shows her hand that has become paralyzed because of being hit by shrapnel.  She and her family have received food assistance from ADRA.

Training of community health workers for Integrated Management of Childhood Illness in Yemen.

Child gets health inspection at an ADRA clinic in Yemen.

The long lasting armed conflict in Yemen has created what is now currently the worst humanitarian crisis in the world. Millions of people have been displaced from their homes and farms.  Losing their livelihoods and the ability to grow food, people face starvation without food assistance.  Here in this photo, people line up to receive a food voucher from ADRA.

Once a family has received their food voucher they can take it to one of the vendors that ADRA is partnering with to obtain their food.  The voucher is enough to feed a family of seven for one month.

ADRA doctor inspects a baby at an ADRA clinic in Yemen.

A newborn baby arrives at an ADRA community clinic in Yemen.

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Meet the People of Today’s Podcast

Anita M. Odondi is the Emergency Program Director for ADRA Canada.  Hailing from Uganda, Africa, Anita has been serving in the ADRA Network since 2000.  Anita gained firsthand experience in Emergency Response as she worked extensively with ADRA in responding to the Tsunami in Indonesia, Cyclone Nargis in Myanmar, and the Earthquake in Haiti.  Joining ADRA Canada in 2013, Anita has worked diligently in implementing emergency responses to disasters here in Canada and around the world.  In this podcast, she shares some of her experiences of helping people facing crisis.

Frank Spangler is the Communications Specialist in the Supporter Relations Department of ADRA Canada. When he is not out traveling the world filming and photographing ADRA stories, you will find him at his desk editing videos and photographs to help tell the story of what ADRA does. He also works on the website of ADRA Canada and is now producing this monthly podcast. Frank has been filming and producing videos for ADRA Canada since 1989 as a freelance producer. In 2014 he began working directly for ADRA Canada.

Alicia is the Engagement Coordinator in the Supporter Relations Department of ADRA Canada.  Alicia is a recent graduate of Andrews University with a BA in French Studies and minor in Community and International Development.  During her course of study Alicia spent a year in France attending Collonges and travelling around Europe.  As part of her course work in International development she spent a month in Madagascar visiting ADRA projects.

Alicia has always been interested in a career that directly helps others and has a growing interest in political and environmental issues.  Her other interests include gymnastics, travel, and listening to audiobooks and podcasts.  

Michael Kirkby is the Design and Communications Coordinator for ADRA Canada. He is responsible for creating many of the visuals that ADRA Canada uses at events and in publications across Canada. As a graduate of the International Studies program at Canadian University College (now Burman University) in Alberta, Michael is now happy to use his degree at ADRA. Before taking this position with ADRA in 2014, Michael honed his organizational skills at an asset management firm in Toronto. Michael enjoys visiting our projects in the field and always returns with many photographs, video footage and stories of his adventures.