Cambodian Single Mother with her three Children
Mothers in the Preah Vihear province of Cambodia face the constant fear of losing their children to disease. Lack of education, poor nutrition, and severe poverty all hinder the ability to protect the lives of children.

Parents have no voice to advocate for better access to medical care, many children are unlikely to survive the most vulnerable first 5 years of life. Today, thousands of young Cambodian mothers are able to access the health services they need because of the SMILE project in Cambodia. Today, community workers are teaching mothers new skills to enable them to earn money, conducting primary health education, and helping women have a say in the home and community. One of the key messages contained in this SMILE project is the dangers of tobacco usage, both for the user and surrounding family members.

Our implementing partner, ADRA Cambodia, is well-known in Cambodia as the “anti-smoking” NGO, and ADRA Cambodia personnel are outspoken advocates and trainers on smoking cessation.