A men’s group in Cambodia meet under a tree and discuss issues of gender roles, gender sensitivity, and gender equality.

A men’s group in Rwanda gather for a discussion on how the ADRA message of gender equality should be practiced in everyday life in the home and community.

A small men’s club in Rwanda meet in their local village to encourage each other to embrace equality in their homes and marriages.

A men’s group in Rwanda perform skits on issues of gender equality for their community.

A man in Rwanda discovers the joy of cooking!

A man in the Philippines helps out with child care as his wife recovers from giving birth.

To help his wife after giving birth, this husband discovers just how hard the traditional roles of women can be!

Alfred used to drink and beat his wife.  All of that changed when one day he was approached by the ADRA men’s club. See how he changed his life and won his wife’s heart back.  Watch Video

After attending one of ADRA’s community meetings, Yao went home and shared with her husband what she had learned that day. See what changes Yao and her husband made in their home, which brought them closer together in their marriage.  Watch Video

ADRA is teaching families about the equal sharing of responsibilities at home. Vorn grew up thinking that there are certain tasks that are “women’s work.” See what happened once he learned that to have a “happy life, you need a happy wife.” Watch Video

Mary Ann and her husband had set roles in their marriage. He would do the fishing and she would do the household chores. One day they were attending the EMBRACE meetings and learned about gender equality and the joy of sharing each other’s work. They decided to give it a try for themselves. Watch now to see how the EMBRACE project helped their family and marriage to grow stronger.  Watch Video

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Send us your questions about ADRA.  If we read your question on our podcast, we will send you as our gift, Faith to Change the World, the story of John Howard and how he started ADRA Canada.  Send your questions to stayintouch@adra.ca

Meet the People of Today’s Podcast

Diana joined the ADRA team to serve in the capacity of Gender Equality Specialist.  She comes to us from Nairobi, Kenya.  She obtained a BA in Psychology (2005), a Master of Science (MSSW) (2007) and PhD in Social Work (2011) all from the University of Texas at Arlington (UTA) in the US.  Her specialties include gender issues, evaluation of systems, and sexual and reproductive health matters. She is trained in both quantitative and qualitative research methods and has published several articles and presented in various conferences around the world. Diana has worked with diverse and marginalized populations from refugees, the homeless, to poor women and children in rural and urban slums. Her passion is aligned to ADRA’s mission of working with people is poverty and distress to create just and positive change through empowering people and responsible action. Diana is committed to enhancing effective, efficient and quality service delivery through gender and cultural sensitive and responsive policies and programs among the ADRA Canada team, our stakeholders and the clients we serve.

In her free time, Diana enjoys traveling, reading, listening to music, and spending time with vulnerable populations in service.


Frank Spangler is the Communications Specialist in the Supporter Relations Department of ADRA Canada. When he is not out traveling the world filming and photographing ADRA stories, you will find him at his desk editing videos and photographs to help tell the story of what ADRA does. He also works on the website of ADRA Canada and is now producing this monthly podcast. Frank has been filming and producing videos for ADRA Canada since 1989 as a freelance producer. In 2014 he began working directly for ADRA Canada.

Alicia is the Engagement Coordinator in the Supporter Relations Department of ADRA Canada.  Alicia is a recent graduate of Andrews University with a BA in French Studies and minor in Community and International Development.  During her course of study Alicia spent a year in France attending Collonges and travelling around Europe.  As part of her course work in International development she spent a month in Madagascar visiting ADRA projects.

Alicia has always been interested in a career that directly helps others and has a growing interest in political and environmental issues.  Her other interests include gymnastics, travel, and listening to audiobooks and podcasts.  

Michael Kirkby is the Design and Communications Coordinator for ADRA Canada. He is responsible for creating many of the visuals that ADRA Canada uses at events and in publications across Canada. As a graduate of the International Studies program at Canadian University College (now Burman University) in Alberta, Michael is now happy to use his degree at ADRA. Before taking this position with ADRA in 2014, Michael honed his organizational skills at an asset management firm in Toronto. Michael enjoys visiting our projects in the field and always returns with many photographs, video footage and stories of his adventures.