Lake Muhazi, Rwanda

The beautiful Lake Muhazi stands in stark contrast to the surrounding communities in the Kayonza District of Rwanda.  With low annual rainfall it is considered one of the dryiest regions of Rwanda.  For 22 years, ADRA Canada has been helping people here live healthier, happier, more food-secure lives with various projects that have led up to the current PROMISE project.

Woman in Rwanda planting Rice

After the genocide in Rwanda, thousands of refugees that had been living outside the country returned.  With no place to call home, the new government in Rwanda partnered with the Canadian government and ADRA Canada to resettle people into a region of Rwanda that was not occupied.  Houses, schools and health clinics were built, water systems established and swamps were drained for agriculture.  This began a 22 year work in the region where ADRA Canada has implemented various projects, the most recent being the PROMISE project.

Happy Children in front of their school in Rwanda

Happy school children celebrate their new school, built by ADRA Canada in the resettlement that happened in Rwanda after the genocide.  This school continues to serve the children of this community to today, 22 years later.

Health Clinic in Rwanda built by ADRA and the Canadian Government

Health clinic built by ADRA Canada in partnership with the government of Canada.

Fruit Trees in Rwanda

Fruit trees distributed by ADRA Canada grow together with vegetables in an agroforestry, mixed farming scheme, introduced by ADRA’s LEAF program. Agroforestry is a land management system in which trees are grown around or among crops as a way of introducing biodiversity, more economic opportunity, natural pesticide and fertilization, and reduced soil erosion.

Woman working in Community Garden

The LEAF project taught communities how to generate income for community projects through community garden systems.

Growing gardens in the desert!

The Kuraneza project taught villagers how to grow vegetables in the desert!

Women's Group in Rwanda

People gather in a local hospital meeting room for training on issues of health and sanitation in the PROMISE Project.

Leadership Meeting in Rwanda

A “Home Care” group of PROMISE volunteers meet to discuss their plans before heading out on some home visits with the PROMISE participants.

Learning the Mandala Method of gardening

A group of villagers in Rwanda learn the mandala method of permaculture gardening through a hands on demonstration learning at a PROMISE training session.

Raised Garden Bed

One of the PROMISE group participants work in the beautiful kitchen garden that she has built by her home.  The fence around her garden keeps out the goats and chickens!

A Happy Gardener in Rwanda

Using permaculture techniques taught by the PROMISE project, participants are now growing a abundance of fresh organic vegetables and greens for their families.

Family by their Rainwater tank

To help extend the growing season in this dry region of Rwanda, the most vulnerable families receive a water storage tank from the PROMISE project.  Collecting water during the rainy season from the runoff from the roof of their house, a full water tank can provide water for their kitchen gardens through many dry months!

Clay Pots conserve water in Garden

One method of slow irrigation is to place unglazed clay pots into the ground, fill them with water and let the water slowly seep out into the roots of the plants.

Celebration in Rwanda

A group of villagers in Rwanda dance in celebration of the PROMISE project and all that it has brought to their community.

Goat Distribution in Rwanda

Goat distributions in the PROMISE project has brought many families new income security.  The goats also provide an excellent source of organic matter for producing organic fertilizer for the kitchen gardens.

Cooking Demonstration

Children who are under nourished get their health restored through a rehabilitative feeding program of nutritious meals.

Considering a New Idea in Rwanda

An important component of the PROMISE project is the establishment of men’s groups.  In the meetings that the attend they discuss important issues such as domestic violence, gender equality, and the sharing of domestic chores.

This short video gives a wonderful window into the PROMISE project in Rwanda.

This video clip shows the enthusiastic celebration of the the people of Rwanda for the Ambulance that they received from the people of Canada.

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Calvin Okello is originally from Kenya. He obtained his MS in Information and Telecommunication Systems Management from Capitol Technology University, Maryland, USA and a BA in Technology Management Studies from Moi University, Kenya.

Calvin is passionate in empowering the youth and the vulnerable through mentoring, training and engagement in community activities that prepare them for leadership roles.

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