Rohingya Children by their Shelter at a Refugee camp in Bangladesh

Rohingya children stand by their shelter at a refugee camp in Bangladesh.

Rohingya Women and Children in Refugee Camp

Many of the Rohingya refugees that have arrived to the camps are widows with small children.  Many children have arrived with no parents.

ADRA does food distribution to refugees in Bangladesh

Arriving in the camps with no money or resources, and not allowed to leave the camp to find work, Rohingya refugees are totally dependent food distributions for survival.

Rohingya Refugees collect water

Rohingya refugees collect water from one of the water collection points set up in the camps.

Workers unloading bamboo poles for shelter construction.

Bamboo poles are unloaded for shelter construction.

One of the thousands of make shift shelters made of bamboo and tarpaulins

One of the many thousands of make-shift shelters made of bamboo and tarpaulins

Refugee Family In Shelter

A Rohingya refugee family huddle in the doorway of their shelter.

Rohingya Refugee Camp

Establishing an emergency refugee camp presents many challenges including developing good drainage and sanitary walkways.

Rohingya men work to improve the water flow in their camp.

Rohingya refugees work to improve the water flow in their camp. ADRA hires refugees for these tasks to help provide a source of income.

Recent Shelters funded by ADRA

Recent shelters in the refugee camps, funded by ADRA

Refugee woman and her children

A Rohingya woman and her children stand in the doorway of their shelter funded by ADRA.

Bamboo Bridge

A bamboo bridge connects one section of the camp to another.

Refugee boy pumps water

Young refugee pumps water at one of the water points set up in the camp.

Rohingya Refugee Girl by her Shelter

Young refugee girl by her temporary home, away from home.

Rohingya refugee children in a refugee Camp in Bangladesh

Rohingya children find a way to smile through the difficulties they face as refugees at their camp in Bangladesh.

Anita M. Odondi in Rohingya refugee Camp

Anita M. Odondi, Emergency Programs Director for ADRA Canada, visits the Rohingya refugee camps in Bangladesh where ADRA Canada is responding.

Meeting with the Refugees

Steve Matthews, Executive Director for ADRA Canada meets with a group of Rohingya refugee women to hear from them what their greatest needs are.

Kayla walks through the camps.

Steve and Anita with staff of ADRA Bangladesh.

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Meet the People of Today’s Podcast

Steve Matthews, Executive Director for ADRA Canada.

Coming to us from Newfoundland, Steve has taken on the role of Executive Director at ADRA Canada.  Since joining us in March of 2018 he has visited many of our project sites and joins us in this episode to tell us about his recent trip to the Rohingya refugee camps in Bangladesh.

Anita M. Odondi is the Emergency Program Director for ADRA Canada.  Hailing from Uganda, Africa, Anita has been serving in the ADRA Network since 2000.  Anita gained firsthand experience in Emergency Response as she worked extensively with ADRA in responding to the Tsunami in Indonesia, Cyclone Nargis in Myanmar, and the Earthquake in Haiti.  Joining ADRA Canada in 2013, Anita has worked diligently in implementing emergency responses to disasters here in Canada and around the world.  In this podcast she shares some of her experiences of helping people facing crisis.

Kayla Casey is the social media and website coordinator for ADRA Canada. Kayla is a recent graduate of Andrews University and is actively engaged in keeping our friends and supporters up to date on what we are doing here at ADRA Canada. She is a big fan of podcasts and has helped bring the ADRA Canada Podcast into fruition.

Frank Spangler is the Communications Specialist in the Supporter Relations Department of ADRA Canada. When he is not out traveling the world filming and photographing ADRA stories, you will find him at his desk editing videos and photographs to help tell the story of what ADRA does. He also works on the website of ADRA Canada and is now producing this monthly podcast. Frank has been filming and producing videos for ADRA Canada since 1989 as a freelance producer. In 2014 he began working directly for ADRA Canada.